Kenne Bell 2.8LC Liquid Cooled Mammoth Supercharger Kit 750HP - 2015+ Mustang GT 5.0L (BLACK)

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Non-Stock requires a Custom Tune

Kenne Bell 2.8LC Liquid Cooled Mammoth Supercharger Kit 750HP - 2015+ Mustang GT 5.0L (BLACK)

Kenne Bell is the blower of choice for tuners and limited edition Mustangs such as Saleen and Hurst!  This kit makes over 750HP (630RWHP), 600TQ (500RWTQ) on pump gas and is 50 State Legal.

This kit includes the Black Kenne Bell 2.8LC Liquid Cooled Twin Screw Supercharger, Mammoth Inlet Manifold, 4.5" "Mammoth" Ram Air Intake, 168mm Throttle Body, Heat Exchanger, 47lb Fuel Injectors and a Custom Calibrated Flash Programmer.

Exclusive Features
• Highest HP potential.
• Largest displacement (2.8LC).
• Hard black anodized bulletproof billet.
• Up to 100HP lower parasitic losses = more engine HP at same boost.
• Most powerful, efficient and technically advanced kits.
• Fits under stock hood .
• Mammoth™ 4.5”x4’ long “Ram Air Pipe” to maximize air flow and ram effect.
• 4.5” MAF meter built into Ram Air Pipe. No more restrictive, MAFs.
• Seal Pressure Equalizer reduces seal friction, wear and HP drag.
• Billet 2.8LC Twin Screw vs. others 2.3L Roots style rotors and cast case.
• More low & mid range boost/HP than centrifugals with high RPM HP.
• Chassis dyno tested with the hood CLOSED - the way it’s driven - not OPEN 
• 47lb injectors, billet fuel rails and new Cool Air Kit included.
• Lower parasitic loss and cooler air charge at the same cfm and boost – than competitions 2.9 3x5 rotors.
• Mammoth™ rear induction manifold accepts stock 80mm - 168mm throttle bodies for maximum air flow.
• New more efficient 4x6 rotor profiles. Others use less efficient twin screw 3x5 lobe rotors.
• Eliminates power robbing jackshaft, gears, pulleys, and small restictive front inlet manifold.
• Cool Air Kit w/ filter behind front bumper (no underhood hot air filter to rob 30HP).
• Exposed top mount supercharger runs cooler. Not entombed in intake runners.
• Developed and tested on “one of a kind” high HP supercharger dyno, engine chassis dyno and flow bench

Standard Features
• 50 State Legal Pending.
• Whisper quiet. No gear growl or clatter.
• Flash Programmer (Kenne Bell calibrated).
• Oil dipstick. No sight glass to discolor or stain.
• 20+ years experience in Twin Screw supercharging.
• INSTANT BOOST. Optimum acceleration at any RPM.
• Integral Intercooler (no exposed pipes, hoses and fittings).
• Proven 6 rib belt system to 15 psi. Optional 8 rib for 8-24 psi.
• Bypass valve air is AFTER intercooler (cooler and denser air).
• Big efficient Kenne Bell “Dual Pass” intercooler and heat exchanger.
• The industry’s most complete and best illustrated Installation Instructions.
• Lower power consumption and cooler air charge temps.
• Easy to upgrade supercharger and throttle body for higher HP
• “Exposed” supercharger runs cooler. Not buried under manifolds, intercooler and covers.

Fitment: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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