KONI Sport Adjustable Rear Shock (2015-2018 GT, Ecoboost, V6)

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KONI Sport Adjustable Rear Shock (15-18 GT, Ecoboost, V6)

Features and Details

  • KONI Sport Adjustable Rear Shock
  • Improves Overall Handling Performance
  • Ideal Upgrade Replacement
  • Twin-Tube Gas Pressure Design
  • On Car Adjustable Rebound
  • Bright Yellow Finish
  • (1) Rear Shock - Sold Individually
  • NOT Compatible with MagneRide Suspension
  • Fits 2015 to 2018 V6, EcoBoost and GT Mustangs


Improves Handling Performance.

When putting your 2015-2018 Mustang through its paces do you find that the original OEM shocks to be too soft? Then you need to upgrade to a set of Koni Sport Adjustable Rear Shocks to improve the overall handling performance of your S550 Mustang, while maintaining good ride quality. Sport Adjustable Shocks are Koni's top-of-line performance shocks that are perfect for daily driven Mustangs that see their fair share of autocross and track use.

Adjustable Rebound Settings.

Koni designed their Sport Shocks to be on car adjustable allowing you to adjust rebound dampening with just a twist of a knob. Turn the knob clockwise and soften the dampening, turn it counter clockwise and stiffen the dampening. On car adjustability is great for fine tuning your suspension rebound to match your driving situation, whether its street, performance or track.

High Quality Construction.

Koni's Sport Series Rear Shocks are a performance upgrade that feature a steel bodied, gas pressurized twin tube design with a larger-diameter piston for optimum street performance. Koni Shocks are completed in a classic yellow finish with the world-famous KONI logo for corrosion resistance and good looks.


This Koni Sport Adjustable Rear Shock is designed for use on 2015 to 2018 Ford Mustangs, including the V6, EcoBoost and GT models. Does not fit Shelby GT350 or models equipped with MagneRide. Sold individually.

Best adjustment settings.

There is no single best adjustment setting for your KONIs because every driver has different preferences for comfort, performance, performance modifications and roads to drive on. For most vehicles, we suggest that new KONIs be installed in the full soft position. (the standard setting right out of the box) to take advantage of the balance of ride comfort and handling designed by the KONI ride development engineers. If the car has performance upgrades (springs, wheel/tire packages, etc.) or the driver wants the car a bit more aggressive, most people find the optimum setting in the 1/2 to one full turn from the full soft range. Over the extended life of the damper or if the driver wants a specific firm handling characteristic, the dampers can be adjusted up higher. Very rarely will KONI ever need to be adjusted to the full firm setting.

Fitment: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018