Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (2015-2018 GT w/o MagneRide)

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Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (15-18 GT w/o MagneRide)

Features and Details

  • Aggressive Stance
  • Improves Handling
  • Lowers Center of Gravity
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • Coupe Drop: Front - 1.1” Rear - 1.0”
  • Convertible Drop: Front - 1.2” Rear - 1.1”
  • Not Compatible on MagneRide Equipped Vehicles
  • Fits 2015-2018 GT Coupe and Convertible Mustangs
  • Clears Stock and Aftermarket Wheels & Tires.



Improves Handling. These Eibach Pro-Kit Progressive Rate Springs will lower your S550 GT Mustang's center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in the corners and excessive nose-dive under hard braking. A set of Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs are great for daily driving, street and even track use.

Improves Appearance. Not only does a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs improve the handling of your S550 GT, but it also improves it's over all appearance by lowering the ride height to get rid of that lifted 4x4 look that they roll out of the factory with for a more aggressive stance.

Progressive Design. Eibach's proprietary progressive spring design provides the ultimate balance to deliver aggressive good looks and high performance handling, without ever compromising safety or ride quality.

Clears Stock and Aftermarket Wheels & Tires. These lowering springs were engineered to be compatible with your stock size wheels and tires, as well as AmericanMuscle's pre-configured wheel and tire combo kits (specific to your generation), to assure proper clearance with no rubbing issues.

Application. This set of four Eibach Pro-Kit Springs are designed to fit both coupe and convertible 2015-2018 GT Mustangs.

Technical Note. The Springs are not compatible on vehicles equipped with the MagneRide Suspension.

Estimated Coupe Drop: Front - 1.1" Rear - 1.0"

Estimated Convertible Drop: Front - 1.2" Rear - 1.1"

Front Alignment: Rear Alignment:
OE Camber = -0.8 deg (+/-0.8 deg)
OE Caster = 7.2 deg (+/-0.8 deg)
OE Toe = 0.0 deg (+/-0.2 deg)
PRO-KIT Camber = -1.0 deg
PRO-KIT Caster = 7.5 deg
PRO-KIT Toe = 0.2 deg
OE Camber = -1.2 (+/-0.8 deg)
OE Toe = 0.1 deg. (+/-0.2 deg)
PRO-KIT Camber = -1.4 deg
PRO-KIT Toe = 0.2 deg

Fitment: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018